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neerajdubey85 May 30, 2020 11

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This is just a small podcast about viruses in a very simple way to my listeners. Viruses are connecting link between living and non living things, When they are outside the body they are nothing more than an inactive crystals and in this case they cannot do any problem to us. But if through any means they enter the living host then these inactive crystals turn out into an active forms. Now they start replicating inside the host by destroying the brain that is nucleus of the cell. Here they take over the machinery of the host and instruct the host cell to synthesize their own kind of toxic proteins that may cause disease in organisms. They are very well protected by a protein coat and sometimes by an additional envelope. They are present everywhere. They are not destroyed even they remain outside the host cell for years and years. Friends this is just my first episode for the science series.Thank you# we will meet in the next episode with something more economical about viruses.###

Download now: EP:1 VENOM##VIRUS@@POISON@@

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For students who are preparing for pre medical entrance exams/BOARDS/BIOLOGY PODCAST FOR STUDENTS, for those who love to know more and more about your ecology and some amazing facts. This is also for them who want to learn about ayurveda and yoga# MY PODCAST FOR STUDENTS# WITH A STRESS FREE LEARNING#

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